ICT Courses for everyone. When employees are able to access ICT courses and able to take these courses. You don’t have to engage in web based training. Actually some people insist you don’t even have to invest in training of any kind – web-based or other wise. Why should you invest in training people who only help you achieve your organizational goals including managing difficult projects using project management software like Mavenlink? Why would anyone waste time and serious resources to arm their sales people or their front office staff or even their line workers or middle management with the right tools and knowledge resources and inventory to enable them perform at the maximum? 

One of the primary steps to attracting this talent  – developing and maintaining a comprehensive, robust and positive employer brand strategy and building marketing automation software into the mix. The building block of your employer brand should be your employee value proposition. 

When it comes to HIPAA, not surprisingly, the major challenge facing healthcare providers regards electronic data. After all, today, most medical records are electronic (and in some offices, exist on paper and in electronic form). Many organizations are considering extended enterprise learning management to provide courses and e-learning content to their staff, channel partners and others. While it may be easy enough to develop a firewall to ensure the security of online patient records, dealing with the presence of mobile devices and social media in the workplace raises an entirely different set of problems and ambiguities.